ArtRio Talks

14.09 Thursday
ArtRio Talks | Transversal Space
17h - 18h30 Museum is the World
This talk will discuss topics from acquisition to management of collections, and touch on promoting local culture and the collective global history. The debate will cover the role of museums in the 21st century, looking at independent, innovative art initiatives that challenge the structure of museums.
Panelists: Fernando Cocchiarale (Curator of MAM Rio), Kelly Taxter (Curator of SOLO program ArtRio17 and of Jewish Museum NY) and
Guga Ferraz (Visual artist )
Mediator: Marion Strecker (Editorof seLecT  magazine)
19h - 20h30 Active Art Collection      
This debate will look at collectors known for conducting research, holding exhibitions and producing works that fall outside museum budgets.
Panelists: Frances Reynolds ( Collector, Founder and President of Instituto Inclusartiz) and José Olympio Pereiro (Collector )
Mediator: Paula Alzugaray, editor of select magazine.
15.09 Friday
ArtRio Talks | Transversal Space
17h - 18h30  Museum beyond the museum
 This panel discussion will address the reconfiguration of contemporary museums. How can the museum be a forum for questioning the museum’s relationship to the city, the role of the museum in politics and the use of curating to o er new perspectives to the public?
Panelists: Jochen Volz (Director of Pinacoteca de São Paulo) and Paulo Herkenhoff (Curator and Art critic)
Mediator: Giselle Beiguelman (Editor of select magazine)
16.09 Saturday
ArtRio Talks | Transversal Space
16h - 17h   Utopian Africas
Seleção e exibição de obras do acervo Videobrasil, com curadoria de Paula Alzugaray. This talk will cover the selection and exhibition of works from the Videobrasil collection, curated by Paula Alzugaray.
17h - 18h30  Don’t you ever forget that I come from the tropics
Named after the 1942 work by Maria Martins, this talk will offer a critical review of Brazilian art today and in the past, specifically indigenous and Afro-Brazilian art.
Panelists: Arjan Martins ( Artista visual),  Marta Mestre (Curadora) and Solange Farkas (Curator and Director of Videobrasil)
Mediator: Paula Alzugaray (Editor of select magazine)
19h - 20h30 Art Collecting: Public and Private
This panel discussion will explore the bases of the creation of private collections and how they can be made public and accessible. Within this topic we will also address the presence of collectors on boards of museums and other institutions.
Panelists: Fabio Szwarcwald (Collector and Director of EAV Parque Lage), Ana Gonçalves Magalhães (art historian, curator and faculty member of MAC USP.)
Mediator: Marion Strecker (Editora da seLecT) and Ana Letícia Fialho (Director of the Department of Productive Strategy of the SEC / MinC),