The Fair

The summit of these actions takes place between September 12 and 16, with the second edition of our international contemporary art fair. ArtRio 2012 will gather the collection of almost one hundred national and international galleries in three warehouses and one annex of the Mauá Pier, with works covering from modern art to brand new pieces of contemporary art - many never seen before. The area of the fair is of approximately 13,000m2, with 6,900m2 dedicated to international art.


The Panorama Program covers renowned galleries, with more than five years of establishment, with an active role in the art market. On the other hand, the Box Program presents the audacity and innovation of the newer galleries which have developed new artistic projects especially for the fair. The Solo Projects exhibition features works by ten famous international artists and relies once again on the curatorship of Julieta González (who has worked for Tate Modern, the Alejandro Otero Museum of Caracas and the Whitney Museum of Nova York) and Pablo León de La Barra (art consultant, gallerist and active curator in the London market). In its second year, ArtRio also features highlights of the audiovisual production.


The fair also offers: the Kids Area, with art workshops for children coordinated by Daniel Azulay; Blooks Bookshop, promoting art book launches and free lectures; the Food Court (open until midnight) and intimate concerts overlooking the sea.


In its first edition (2011) ArtRio exceeded every expectation with its high quality installations, 83 exhibiting galleries (33 foreign), works by 700 artists, 46,000 visitors (130% above expectations) and sales of R$120 million.


ArtRio was a watershed in the Brazilian visual arts scene and is already considered abroad one of the major art fairs in Latin America.

Check out the list of galleries approved for ArtRio on 2013.


  • A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro
  • AM Galeria Horizonte, Belo Horizonte
  • Almeida & Dale Galeria de Arte, São Paulo
  • Amparo 60, Recife
  • Anita Schwartz, Rio de Janeiro
  • Arte 57, São Paulo
  • Artur Fidalgo, Rio de Janeiro
  • Athena Galeria de Arte, Rio de Janeiro
  • Aut Aut, Rio de Janeiro
  • Baginski, Lisboa
  • Baró, São Paulo
  • Bergamin, São Paulo - Rio de Janeiro
  • Blain Southern, Londres
  • Bolsa de Arte de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre
  • Carbono, São Paulo
  • Casa Triângulo, São Paulo
  • Celma Albuquerque, Belo Horizonte
  • Choque Cultural, São Paulo
  • Crone, Berlim
  • Dan Galeria, São Paulo
  • David Zwirner, Nova Iorque
  • Eduardo Fernandes, São Paulo
  • Elba Benitez, Madri
  • Eliana Benchimol, Rio de Janeiro
  • Enrique Guerrero, Cidade do México
  • Filomena Soares, Lisboa
  • Fólio, São Paulo
  • Fortes Vilaça, São Paulo
  • Galeria da Gávea, Rio de Janeiro
  • Gagosian, Nova Iorque
  • Galeria Cardi, Milão
  • Galeria de Arte Raquel Arnaud, São Paulo
  • Gladstone Gallery, Nova Iorque
  • Galeria Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro
  • Gustavo Rebello, Rio de Janeiro
  • Ingleby, Edimburgo
  • Inox, Rio de Janeiro
  • Jorge Mara la Ruche, Buenos Aires
  • Laura Marsiaj, Rio de Janeiro
  • Leme, São Paulo
  • Lemos de Sá, Belo Horizonte
  • Leon Tovar, Nova Iorque
  • Logo, São Paulo
  • Luciana Caravello, Rio de Janeiro
  • Luisa Strina, São Paulo
  • Lurixs, Rio de Janeiro
  • Marcia Barrozo do Amaral, Rio de Janeiro
  • Marian Goodman, Nova Iorque
  • Marilia Razuk, São Paulo
  • Mario Sequeira, Braga
  • Massimo de Carlo, Milão
  • Maurício Pontual, Rio de Janeiro
  • Mayoral Galeria D´Art, Barcelona
  • Mendes Wood, São Paulo
  • Mercedes Viegas, Rio de Janeiro
  • Mike Karstens, Muenster
  • Millan, São Paulo
  • Monica de Cardenas, Milão
  • Mul.ti.plo, Rio de Janeiro
  • Murilo Castro, Belo Horizonte
  • Nara Roesler, São Paulo
  • Oscar Cruz, São Paulo
  • Pace, Nova Iorque
  • Parra & Romero, Madri
  • Paulo Darzé, Salvador
  • Paulo Kuczynski, São Paulo
  • Pequena Galeria 18, Rio de Janeiro
  • Pinakotheke, Rio de Janeiro
  • Polígrafa Obra Gráfica, Barcelona
  • Progetti, Rio de Janeiro
  • Rolf Art, Buenos Aires
  • Ronie Mesquita, Rio de Janeiro
  • SIM Galeria, Curitiba
  • SUR, Montevideo
  • Silvia Cintra + Box 4, Rio de Janeiro
  • Simões de Assis Galeria, Curitiba
  • Steiner, São Paulo
  • Tempo, Rio de Janeiro
  • Vermelho, São Paulo
  • Victoria Miro, Londres
  • White Cube, Londres
  • Zipper, São Paulo


  • 80m2, São Paulo
  • Amarelo Negro, Rio de Janeiro
  • Athena Contemporânea, Rio de Janeiro
  • Christinger de Mayo, Zurique
  • Curro & Poncho, Guadalajara
  • Emma Thomas, São Paulo
  • Emmanuel Hervé, Paris
  • Galleria Gentili, Milão
  • Johannes Vogt Gallery, Nova Iorque
  • Koal, Berlim
  • La Central, São Paulo
  • Lume, São Paulo
  • Nosco, Londres
  • PSM, Berlim
  • Societé, Berlim
  • Thomas Brambilla, Milão
  • Y Gallery, Nova York

ArtRio 2013
05 to 08 September

Pier Mauá
Avenida Rodrigues Alves, 10
Praça Mauá – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

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